Mini Lop does at Land O' Lops Rabbitry


LOL's WishForPearls(Isabella)
broken smoked pearl
D.O.B. 2/8/10
Sire: JT's Purple Haze - bkn lilac GC - chin
Dam:LOL's Black Pearl - black Reg.

Isablella is a beautiful doe, my very first quality smoked pearl. I knew she was a keeper right away!

Jones's Heidi
bkn cream Reg. GC
Sire: ?

Thanks Erik!


LOL's Chocolate Mousse
choc chinchilla
D.O.B. 5/17/10
Sire: LOL's Cole - Black Reg. 2 legs
Dam: LOL's MakeAWish(Rasberry) broken choc chin

Chocolate Mousse carries everything under the sun! She gives me shaded's, dilutes, chocs and widebands. She's a great mom and makes smaller babies so I love breeding her to some of my heavier bucks. She is currently spending time at LivingWater's rabbitry!

LOL's Tessy
bkn blk chin
D.O.B. 8/24/10
Sire: LOL's Eddison - bkn chestnut Reg. BIS winner
Dam: LOL's Ginny - Chestnut

Love my little Tessy girl. She really reminds me of her grandmother Velotta's Wish.


LOL's Shocker
black pointed white
D.O.B. 6/17/12
Sire: LOL's Dillard- Reg. 1 leg
Dam:Elbram's Ivy - Sable Reg.

Could not believe when this little girl arrived as a surprise on Father's day, then even more of a surprise when her color came in and just to outdue herself, she has great type to boot so her name is very fitting.

LOL's Lolipop
bkn opal
Sire: Smokey's White Cap- Reg. 1 leg
Dam:LOL's Lolita - bkn choc chestnut

Lolipop is a very promising little girl! Been on the show table once and got a 2nd out of a large class!


Elbram's Ivy
D.O.B. 6/1/11
Sire: Riss's Ralph -seal Reg.
Dam: Elbram's Whitney-black pointed white

Ivy is anorable little fiesty girl who loves to let herself out of her cage and run around the rabbitry when nobody is looking. She has beautiful dark rich sable coloring and nice compact balanced type.

LOL's Kiwi
D.O.B. 2/8/12
Sire: Elbram's Stanford -Reg.
Dam: Elbram's Ivy - sable Reg.

Kiwi is like a "mini me" of her mom. If she grows up to be as nice of better, she will be her mom's replacement.


WP's Lily
bkn lilac chin
D.O.B. 11/12/10
Sire: Hoppin's Brantitni - lilac Reg. 1 leg
Dam: Loretta - mosaicbkn choc chestnut Reg.

I'm Happy to have Lilly join the herd. Hopefully she will help me in my eventual goal to get choc/orange tri's with good type. Thanks Nichole for helping me with her!

LOL's Clary
smoked pearl
D.O.B. 2/8/12
Sire: LOL's Miles - blue/fawn tri Reg. 1 leg
Dam: LOL's Tessy - bkn chin Reg.

Clary is a lovely orange girl with promising type and a great personality. Looking foreward to see her contribution to our Tri's.


LOL's Captain Raydor
bkn lilac
Sire: Smokey's Raidon - Reg.
Dam: WP's Lily - Reg.
bkn lilac chin

Love little Raydor girl! She is one MASSIVE little doe with great bone and a self lilac to boot!

LOL's Sparkle
bkn opal
D.O.B. 2/1/12
Sire: Desurra's Romulus - opal Reg. GC 4 legs
Dam: Velotta's Spark - bkn GT black steel Reg.

Sparkle is a very promising little doe who earned her 1st leg for BOSV in her very 1st show!


LOL's Orchid
bkn choc
D.O.B. 5/6/11
Sire: Smokey's Raidon - Reg.
Dam: WP's Lily - Reg.
bkn lilac chin

Couldn't choose between Orchid and her sister Raydor, so I kept them both! I really like their bone and mass.

PB's Mocha
Sire: PB's Canterburry - choc ches Reg. 1 leg
Dam: Hoppin's Reese - bkn chocolate Reg.

Mocha is here on loan from Painted Bunnies Rabbitry since we lost our "keeper" from Reese. Thanks Ondreya!


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