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Use this menu to find the breed you are looking for or scroll down to see all breeds. Babies are listed in order Left to Right as they are lined up in their litter picture. "B" is for Buck "D" is for Doe. Hit your browser's "refresh" button if you've visited the site recently to make sure you are seeing the most current updates.

Dwarf Hotots

Mini Satins

Holland Lops


Dwarf Hotot Litters

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Sire: Andrew, Kraken and Dunn
Black & Blue Banded

3 litters born 2/8&9

2 left!

2 black banded girls left!


Dam: "BMW, Alice and Carrots"
Black Banded

Holland Lop Litters

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Sire: "LOL's Charlie"
Blue tort

Ready 5/30/19!

2 babies!

Blue vm D

1 Blue Tort VC B


Dam: "LOL's Azule"
Blue VM


Sire: ""
Bkn sable point

Ready now!

<2 left!

1 blue frosty B

1 broken sable point B


Dam: ""

Mini Satin Litters

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Sire: Baylis's Rookie
registration pending

Ready 4/19/19!

< 1left!

1 Red D


Dam: LOL's "Copper Penny"


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